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Company name YUTEC Co., Ltd. (UTEC)
Street address


Gifu Prefecture Fuwa-gun Tarui-cho, Chie 1102-1

Phone / FAX 0584-84-2488

Yutaka Kawamura

  • Production of electrical equipment
  • Of industrial machinery production
  • Internal wiring for the construction of the transport line
  • Internal wiring for the construction of various machines
  • Production of the control panel of the production and control system
  • All businesses incidental preceding items
Capital stock
Establishment 2016 February 8,





Co., Ltd. YUTEC the
Gifu Prefecture, work-life balancePromotion is a company


  • In Gifu Prefecture, it has been registered in the companies and organizations to address the balance support of work and family as “Gifu Prefecture Work-Life Balance Promotion company”. The Company is also in order to focus on the efforts of the work-life balance, it has been registered.



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