Along the needs of our customers,
we produced a sure thing,
a reliable wiring work

Internal wiring and electrical work

It has a cabin wiring of various devices.

Do the wiring of the connecting-inclusive, various signal and control line between the device and the control panel. In addition, in accordance with customer demands, we kept in mind the wiring work, such as long-lasting good looks. In addition, we also try to wiring as easy to even consider modification or replacement of parts later things. Various facilities, various types of electrical plant equipment and factories, power supply to the electrical equipment, high-pressure-receiving substation construction equipment, new construction related to the wiring work, such as a wide variety of electrical equipment, maintenance, etc., doing the best construction to your needs cage you.

Production of the control panel

Among the instrumentation system is highly functional, the control panel for centralized management of all of the control devices, high operability, reliability, has durability is required.
In our company, automation of production facilities, we will design and manufacture the essential control panel to labor saving. In the production, beautiful of appearance is, of course, we do the wiring considering the later of maintenance.

Machinery and equipment manufacturing (aluminum frame assembly)

We have the assembly work of the assembly of the unit using the aluminum frame and simple mechanical parts. The has been paid from your material assemblers of skill is responsible to complete.