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Along the needs of our customers,It produced a solid thing, a reliable wiring work

Co., Ltd. YUTEC (UTEC) the monitoring system board, switchboard, various automatic control panel, production of electric control panel equipment, other, we have the power construction and machine wiring construction of various types of industrial machinery. From the “design and proposed” to “production”, “construction”,
and the customer will total support.

  1. Internal wiring and electrical work
  2. Production of the control panel
  3. Machinery and equipment manufacturing (aluminum frame assembly)


The product quality and delivery time
has been thorough.

Along the needs of our customers, we produced a sure thing, has been in it a policy to meet our customers’ expectations, the wiring accurate, and, we are confident to be beautiful and clean construction. We do not do it to lower the quality for time delivery. First of all inquiries, please quote.

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ABOUT US About Corporation YUTEC

YUTEC has confidence in it is a young company technology.

Originally, it has been more than 20 years the electrical work industry such as construction and factories, an increase in the needs of Internal wiring in industrial machinery and transport line as automation advances of the year by year private facilities, of the machine wiring and control panel production there a [YUTEC] that independent so as to be able to correspond to the field. Therefore, although there is still young as 5 – term company, to chest the “work and customer satisfaction,” “study every day”, always do not forget the original intention, we try a polite work. In addition, in order to achieve reliable operation, place the person in charge of the full-time for a series of business, we do correspondence in accordance with the needs of our customers and the environment. Quality control, to clarify the whereabouts of the responsibility for delivery management, by building a relationship of trust with our customers, we just leave it in peace.

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