According to our customer’s request,
we certify and perform reliable wiring work

Intern Wiring・Eletrical construction work


We do intern wiring in various devices.
Connection between the machine and the control panel, various signals, and the wiring in the control panel. To respond to customer requests, we take care to make the wiring works with a look good and last a long time. Considering this, we do our wiring being careful with later pieces modification and replaces. We do various instalations, equipment of various devices, power supplies for electrical equipments, high-voltage substation constructions, internal wiring and various others works related to electrical equipments.
New instalations, maintenances, the work that fits the most with the customer’s needs.


Production of Control Panels


As instrumentation systems become more sophisticated, the control panel that controls all the device, needs to have: control facility, reliability, and durability.
On our company we do: automation of production equipment, Manufacture control panels indispensable for labor saving.
About the production we surely care about the beauty, and the wiring thinking about later maintenances.


Machine and equipment manufacturing (Aluminium Frames montage)


We assemble units that uses aluminium frames and easy machine parts.
We assemble with the material that our customers want with proficiency and responsability.


Company name YUTEC Co., Ltd. (UTEC)
Street address


Gifu Prefecture Fuwa-gun Tarui-cho, Chie 1102-1

Phone / FAX 0584-84-2488

Yutaka Kawamura

  • Production of electrical equipment
  • Of industrial machinery production
  • Internal wiring for the construction of the transport line
  • Internal wiring for the construction of various machines
  • Production of the control panel of the production and control system
  • All businesses incidental preceding items
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Establishment 2016 February 8,